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Case 4284

Case number: 4284
Application year: 1894




Year of birth: 1888
Home: Elm Lodge Home For Boys, Seaforth


E. was one of six children. His mother was a widow who could barely provide for herself and she was considered to have low morals and therefore was "no fit guardian for the child". He was "much neglected" and living in poor circumstances. His sister was already in the care of the Society at Blundell Sands. People supporting the applications of these children to be cared for by the Waifs and Strays' Society had made generous donations and it was hoped that this might continue once E. was admitted. E. was accepted into the Elm Lodge Home at Seaforth near Liverpool in May 1894. He was initally accepted by the Society for 2 years as it was considered that by the end of this time his brothers and sisters might be able to provide for him. If they could not further consideration would be given to letting him stay on. The outcome was that E. remained at the Home until August 1902 when he went into service at Warrington.

Keywords: Neglect; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 28 February 1894
2. Letter from George Norris 16 April 1894
3. Letter from George Norris 30 April 1894
4. Letter from George Norris 11 May 1894

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