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Case 4314

Case number: 4314
Application year: 1894




Year of birth: 1884
Home: Gordon Home For Boys, Croydon


G's father died on 19 November 1893 from blood poisoning, the result of an accident. His widow and children were left unprovided for. G's mother was far from strong and she was obliged to get what work was available; as a result, when she was away, the children were left to their own devices, or to the care of neighbours. G. was a bright, well bought up boy and his mother wanted him to have the advantage of a settled environment. She was anxious for him to be placed in the Gordon Boys Home, Croydon which was near to his family home. The Home favoured the application, they had very good relations with the curate who recommended the case. G. was admitted into the Home on 4 July 1894. On 26 July 1899 a situation was found for him as a messenger.

Keywords: Health; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 31 May 1894
2. Letter from S. Rogers, Honorary Secretary of the Gordon Boys Home, Croydon. [part of the letter appears to be missing] 5 June 1894
3. Letter from G's mother requesting that her son be allowed to spend the Easter holidays at home 5 April 1895

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