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John Smith's Safety

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street in deprived area

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Joan is my mum's name, she's a drunk and don't work.
 Only one hour after I got back from hospital she pawned my leg brace
  Honestly I'm embarrassed and ashamed. She's still out begging
   Now I can't wait for my leg to heal so I can get out of here.

So now I've got a job sweeping and I want to buy new boots
 Might as well give it up. She'll take the money for drink. Not us!
  I can't see a way out, might as well give it up.
   There's no way to keep the money if I don't give it up she'll beat me.
    Hope - there is no hope for me. It's all been taken.
     Still can't see a reason.

Suddenly a woman comes to the rescue
 After all this time and pain. The lady takes me away
  From all the fear and worry
   Everything is looking brighter, people care about me
    Thankfully I got away from my nightmare
     Years later I know I'll have a better life. The past will be behind me.

by a pupil at The Charter School

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