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19th march 1906

Hi it's me again, Violet. Sorry I haven't talked to you in ages. I just haven't had the time to. I mean with my mum dead now its hard for dad to cope with us all. I will be going soon, to the Waifs and Strays Society. I could not get a job and now I get really frustrated. I wish dad would stop asking me for money, he know that I don't have anything.

I'm actually really happy because I'm going away from my dad he's always getting drunk, and asking me for money that I don't have. It is getting on my nerves so much. Sometimes I wish he would die.

The lodgings are so bad!
Some of the people that live there are scary. They argue all night and all you hear is glasses and plates breaking.


28th march 1906

Hello it's me again im sorry I keep bothering you im finally in the waifs and strays im feeling inside of me like im in heaven and I am being ripped out. Even though I hate my dad I will still miss him, because he brought me in to this world and I've got to go now because; I need the toilet and because I need to catch a bus. I won't be writing again for sometime.

Love violet.


5th may 1906

Sorry I haven't written for ages, I have been to work in dover, thanks to the childrens society, they are realy helping me a lot. I earn 4 shillings and ½ d a week. I am now working in London right next to the river, selling bright red roses from me wicker basket all day in the warm sun, I love it!

Will write again tomorrow.

Love violet. X


6th may 1906

To day I have sold all of my roses, did I tell you that I grow them in my back garden? I have sold soo many that I need to wait for more to grow.

Violet xx

by pupils at Crown Woods School

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