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Case 5627

Case number: 5627
Application year: 1896




Year of birth: 1887
Home: Clarendon House Home For Girls, Hull


A's father died in November 1893 from "old age", he was 70. Her mother, a charwoman, was an alcoholic and the home was "poor and wretched". A. was originally rejected by the Society in favour of more urgent cases, but later accepted as a rescue case as it was felt that she would be at considerable risk if left in her mother's care. She was admitted to Clarendon House Home for Girls, Hull on 20 November 1896. In February 1899 A. was returned to live with her married sister in Kennington, London.

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 12 October 1896
2. Letter from Miss Powell c. 17 November 1896
3. Letter from Revd E. Rudolf 2 February 1899
4. Letter from Revd E. Rudolf 2 February 1899
5. Letter from Miss Powell c. 6 February 1899
6. Copy of letter presumably from Revd E. Rudolf 7 February 1899
7. Notice of discharge 15 February 1899

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