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Case 1269

Case number: 1269
Application year: 1888




Year of birth: c. 1874
Home: Fareham Home For Girls


Not much is known about A's early life, but she claimed that her father had once been a soldier in the 77th Regiment in India. Later her father was an itinerant china mender and a beggar. A's father and step-mother abused and starved her. She ran away and went to the Wakefield Preventative House in March 1887. This was not one of the Society's homes. A. was considered untruthful and a bad influence on other girls. She went to the Fareham Home in April 1888. In June 1890 she went to work with a family in Sydenham, London but stole from them and behaved badly and was sent back to the Fareham Home in October the same year. She went into service in two other places, but they also returned her to the home because of bad behaviour.

Keywords: Abuse; Behaviour; Employment; Industrial schools; Neglect; Running away; Stepparents; Welfare organisations

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 17 March 1888
2. Letter from the Wakefield Ladies Association 16 March 1888
3. Letter from Iain M Levir 24 March c.1890
4. Letter from Fareham 23 June 1890
5. Letter from A's first employer c. early October 1890
6. Letter from Fareham 7 October 1890
7. Letter from Fareham 13 December 1890
8. Letter from Fareham 16 December 1890
9. Letter from Fareham 2 June 1891
10. Note 4 June 1891
11. Letter from Fareham 4 February 1892

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