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Case 1372

Case number: 1372
Application year: 1888




Year of birth: 1881
Home: Knoyle Home For Girls


E's parents and many of her relatives were alcoholics. Her father was deaf and could not speak. The family could not get rental accommodation in Warminster because of their bad reputation, so the children often slept in the streets, under sheds, etc. Sometimes they stayed at their grandmother's, but her overcrowded house was raided by the police several times. When E. arrived at the Knoyle Cottage Home in Salisbury in May 1888, she was ill and her clothes were in such a bad state they had to be burned. E. went into service as a parlour maid in September 1894.

Keywords: Alcohol abuse; Clothing; Disability; Employment; Grandparents; Health; Homelessness; Neglect

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 1 May 1888
2. Letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to Mrs Torrance 9 May 1888
3. Letter from Norton House, Warminster 10 May 1888
4. Letter from St. Denys' House, Warminster 14 May 1888
5. Letter from Norton House, Warminster 17 May 1888
6. Letter from Knoyle Cottage 21 May 1888
7. Letter from Gratwicke Hall 9 July 1888
8. Letter from Launton Rectory 13 July 1888
9. Letter from Launton Rectory 17 July 1888
10. Letter from Launton Rectory 25 July 1888
11. Letter from Gratwicke Hall 30 July 1888
12. Note possibly from another case file 25 April 1889
13. Letter from Knoyle Cottage 9 August 1892
14. Letter from Knoyle Cottage 29 August 1892
15. Report of Children Placed in Service, Knoyle Cottage 11 January 1896

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