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Case 326

Case number: 326
Application year: 1884




Year of birth: 1876
Home: Foster Care


S's mother was 15 when he was born. She was a servant and S's father was her employer. She subsequently married a barber and had two other children. S's stepfather treated him cruelly and his mother wanted him to go into the Society's care as she feared for his life. In July 1884 S. was boarded out in Oxfordshire. Although in July 1889 there were plans for S. to return to his mother in London, in August he went into service at a vicarage in Carmarthenshire, Wales. He worked there for over three years. By March 1893 he was living in London with his mother, who was apparently intercepting his mail.

Keywords: Abuse; Alcohol abuse; Employment; Illegitimacy; Neglect; Poverty; Stepparents

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society c. June 1884
2. Letter from the Society for Organising Charitable Relief and Repressing Mendicity 18 June 1884
3. Report on S's circumstances 20 June 1884
4. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf from W.C. Parr 15 May 1888
5. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf from W.C. Parr 17 May 1888
6. Note about S. 8 July 1889
7. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf from Revd Izat 19 August 1889
8. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf from Revd Izat 18 July 1892
9. Letter to Revd Izat from Revd R. 11 March 1893
10. Letter to Mr. Rudolf from Revd R. 18 March 1893

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