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Case 3821

Case number: 3821
Application year: 1893




Year of birth: 1882
Home: Byfleet Receiving Home; Dulwich Home For Girls; Clapham Home Of Rest For Girls Out Of Situation, Balham; St Agnes' Home For Girls, Croydon


R. was neglected by her mother, so an elderly woman took her in out of pity. The woman became very short of money and was about go into an almshouse. R. went into the Lampson Home in Dulwich, South London in 1893. She went into service in 1896. She had several different posts although she briefly returned to the Society's homes on two occasions. She was reported as stealing, lying and being irresponsible. In 1901 she ran away with a gentleman acquaintance of her employer.

Keywords: Behaviour; Custody; Employment; Foster care; Neglect; Poverty; Running away

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 1 June 1893
2. Letter from Dr A. 31 May 1893
3. Letter from Stainforth House 6 June 1893
4. Letter from Miss S. Freeby 8 August 1893
5. Letter from Byfleet Home 12 August 1893
6. Letter from Miss S. Freeby 26 August 1893
7. Letter from the Lampson Home 30 August 1893
8. Letter to Mrs Blatch 7 November 1899
9. Letter from Mrs Blatch 8 November 1899
10. Copy of letter to Mrs C. 9 November 1899
11. Letter from Mrs C. c.10 November 1899
12. Copy of letter to Mrs Blatch 10 November 1899
13. Letter from Mrs Blatch 12 November 1899
14. Copy of letter to Miss Dunn from Edward Rudolf 15 November 1899
15. Notice of discharge 6 May 1901
16. Copy of letter to Mrs Pereira from Edward Rudolf 17 September 1901
17. Letter from R. to Mrs Pereira c. September 1901
18. Letter from the St Agnes Home 25 September 1901
19. Letter from the St Agnes Home 21 October 1901
20. Postcard to Miss Greenwood 25 October 1901
21. Letter from Miss Greenwood 28 October 1901

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