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Case 6213

Case number: 6213
Application year: 1897




Year of birth: 1886
Home: Walsham Farm Home For Boys


In November 1897 A. was found wandering and homeless without proper guardianship and was ordered by the Magistrate's Court to be sent to Walsham Farm Home for Boys, Suffolk, an Industrial School. His mother was a prostitute and very poor. A. was illegitimate. In October 1901 A. enlisted in the 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade, at that time stationed in Dublin.

Keywords: Abandonment; Homelessness; Illegitimacy; Industrial schools; Poverty; Prostitution

Items: 1. Order of detention in an Industrial School 26 November 1897
2. Description of the child 22 November 1897
3. Letter from John Gill, Walsham Farm Home 1 November 1901
4. Letter from John Gill, Walsham Farm Home 5 November 1901
5. Form detailing Industrial Schools Committee decision 21 November 1901
6. Copy letter from Revd E. Rudolf 29 November 1901
7. Letter from C.P. Turner, Clerk of the Industrial Schools Committee 30 November 1901

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