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Case 791

Case number: 791
Application year: 1886




Year of birth: 1874
Home: Ashurst Home For Girls; Hill House Home For Girls, Cold Ash


L. lived with her mother who was a brothel keeper. Her father had deserted his wife when L. was about 2 years old. The application to the Waifs and Strays Society was made by the Rescue Office for Young Children, the Reformatory and Refuge Union. On 23 August 1886, following an order made at Clerkenwell Police Court, L. was sent to Ashurst Home For Girls, a certified Industrial School. On 14 October 1886 L. was transferred to the Industrial School at Cold Ash, Berkshire, later known as Hill House Home for Girls. On 29 June 1889 she went out to service in Bournemouth.

Keywords: Abandonment; Industrial schools; Prostitution

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays Society August 1886
2. Order sending child to an Industrial School 23 August 1886
3. Warrant of Transfer from one Industrial School to another 14 October 1886

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