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Case 8649

Case number: 8649
Application year: 1901




Year of birth: 1889
Home: Islington Technical Home


W. was illegitimate. His mother had deserted him and his father was unknown. At the time of the application he was living with an elderly couple who were not related to him. They were poor and the living conditions were bad. On the application form it was stated that the boy was to be sent to the Gordon Boys Home when he was of age and there was a vacancy. This was a different Gordon Home to the one with the same name run by the Society. The Home appeared to train boys to enter the armed forces. W. was admitted to the Islington Industrial Home in Copenhagen Street on 7 January 1902. On 28 January 1902 he was sent to the Fever Hospital and on 16 April 1902 he was transferred to the Gordon Boys Home, West End, Woking.

Keywords: Abandonment; Health; Illegitimacy; Industrial schools; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 2 November 1901
2. Letter from Margaret Balfour expressing pleasure that the Society had accepted W's case 18 November 1901

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