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Case 8650

Case number: 8650
Application year: 1901




Year of birth: 1892
Home: Bradstock Lockett Hospital Home And School Of Recovery, Southport


A. was an orphan, both her parents died in 1901. She lived with a married sister who had 3 children and whose house was in "one of the worst parts of town". A. was a "tubercular child" and had had her right leg amputated. At the time of the application her health was felt to be good. She was admitted to the Bradstock Lockett Home, Southport on 7 January 1902 where she was not considered to be particularly intelligent. In 1906 she was spending 4 days at school and helping in the laundry for 2 days. It was felt that if she could be fitted with an artificial leg she might earn her living at ironing. Stocking knitting was another possibility. In July 1908 A. was placed in service at the Steam Laundry, Preston.

Keywords: Disability; Health

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 29 November 1901
2. Medical certificate 4 December 1901
3. Medical certificate c. 12 December 1901
4. Report on A. 26 July 1906

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