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Case 9131

Case number: 9131
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1886
Home: St Chad's Home For Girls, Far Headingley


A's mother died in 1893 after an operation and her father had deserted her. He had not been heard of for six years at the time of this application. A. left school in 1899 and was sent to a Training Home in Barnsley. In the latter part of 1901 she was sent to a situation in Scarborough but she was so untruthful and disobedient that she was dismissed. The same fate befell A. in her next situation with a vicar's family. She lost her place because she was found to be an "incorrigible liar and hopelessly idle". She was then sent to the Pitt Street Home for a short time, but it was hoped that she would be accepted into St Chad's Home and taught laundry work. None of her relations in Barnsley were able to receive or support her. A. was admitted in St Chad's Home, Far Headingley on 16 December 1901 [the application form appears to have been signed retrospectively]. On 19 December 1903 A. was returned to friends in Barnsley.

Keywords: Abandonment; Behaviour; Employment

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 30 April 1902
2. Letter from the Ripon-Wakefield Branch of the Society enclosing A's case paper 6 September 1902
3. Notice of discharge 21 December 1903

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