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Case 9146

Case number: 9146




Year of birth: 1894
Home: Harvey Goodwin Home For Boys, Cambridge


T. was illegitimate and his father unknown. It appears that his mother had died and he was in the care of the Burton-upon-Trent Board of Guardians. The information about his life prior to the application to the Waifs and Strays' Society is extremely scanty. T. was admitted to the Cambridge Home on 10 September 1902. On 30 November 1902 he was baptised at St Luke's Church, Cambridge. In July 1905 he was transferred to Lord Sandwich's Home at Huntingdon. This was a private Home that the Earl of Sandwich had recently built and which was maintained by him. He had placed certain free vacancies at the Society's disposal and T. was recommended as a suitable candidate because of his excellent character. In September 1908 Revd Edward Rudolf wrote to the Burton-upon-Trent Union to inform them that T. was now employed at the Earl of Sandwich's residence, Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon.

Keywords: Illegitimacy; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 18 July 1902
2. Copy letter about T's admission to the Cambridge Home 18 August 1902
3. Notice of baptism on 30 November 1902 8 December 1902
4. Letter from Mr J. Robinson recommending T. for Lord Sandwich's Home 5 June 1905
5. Copy letter to the Earl of Sandwich about boys recommended for his Home 8 June 1905
6. Letter from the Earl of Sandwich about the arrangements for receiving the boys from Cambridge 15 July 1905
7. Copy letter to the Earl of Sandwich from the Society 17 July 1905
8. Copy letter about the arrangements for sending the boys to Huntingdon 17 July 1905
9. Copy letter to the Burton-upon-Trent Union informing them that T. had gone to Lord Sandwich's Home 31 July 1905
10. Letter from the Burton-upon-Trent Union 14 August 1905
11. Copy letter acknowledging the letter from the Burton-upon-Trent Union 15 August 1905
12. Copy letter to the Burton-upon-Trent Union about T's employment 9 September 1908
13. Letter from the Burton-upon-Trent Union expressing pleasure at T's progress 10 September 1908

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