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Case 9279

Case number: 9279
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1890
Home: Scholfield Home For Girls, Wavertree


G. was illegitimate. Her father was dead and her mother in an asylum. She had been supported by an uncle who had now died and her elderly grandmother was dependent on parish relief. G. was admitted to the Scholfield Home on 24 November 1902 and remained there until she went into service in Ottley, Yorkshire on 15 July 1907.

Keywords: Illegitimacy; Mental health

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 13 September 1902
2. Letter from Revd M. 9 September 1902
3. Letter from Dr L. 12 September 1902
4. Letter from Revd M. 2 October 1902
5. Letter arranging that Mrs George Horsfall will pay for G. while she is in the Scholfield Home 13 November 1902
6. Copy letter from Waifs and Strays' Society replying to the above letter 14 November 1902
7. Letter from the Liverpool Branch of the Waifs and Strays' Society arranging for G's admission to the Scholfield Home 19 November 1902
8. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf replying to the above letter 20 November 1902
9. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to Revd M. informing him that arrangements have been made for G's admission to the Home 20 November 1902

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