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Case 940

Case number: 940
Application year: 1887




Year of birth: 1874
Home: Hill House Home For Girls, Cold Ash; Beckett Home For Girls, Meanwood; St Chad's Home For Girls, Far Headingley


E. came to the attention of the Waifs and Strays' Society when she was 13. She was the daughter of female vagrant whose whereabouts were unknown and an unknown father. In March 1887 she spent a fortnight in Narberth Workhouse, Pembrokeshire and from there was sent to Cold Ash Industrial School near Newbury. On 12 November 1888 she was transferred to the Beckett Home for Girls, Meanwood, Leeds and on New Year's Day 1889 she was sent to St Chad's Home for Girls, Far Headingley, Leeds. She remained there until January 1890 when she was placed in service. A note on the case paper dated 7 July 1890 records that E. had been baptised.

Keywords: Abandonment; Industrial schools; Neglect; Poverty; Workhouses; School

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 6 April 1887
2. Order sending E. to Hill House Industrial School, Cold Ash 24 March 1887
3. Medical certificate 24 March 1887
4. Telegram acknowledging E's arrival at Hill House Industrial School, Cold Ash 26 March 1887
5. Postcard from Tedsmore Hall, Shropshire to Edward Rudolf 24 July 1894

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