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Case 9603

Case number: 9603
Application year: 1903




Year of birth: 1893
Home: Wincheap Training Home For Girls, Canterbury


W. was bought up in Hertfordshire by her aunt, who had ten children of her own, without any assistance from other members of the family. The child's mother was "on the streets of London", presumably a prostitute. She had occasionally contributed a few shillings to her daughter's upkeep, but had refused all help for the past 5 years. W. was illegitimate and nothing was known of her father. Her mother had met the father's sister on the street in London and was told by her that the man was dead. This happened before W's birth. W's aunt was never given his name. The child was admitted to the Wincheap Home, Canterbury on 14 May 1903. In February 1904 Miss Margaret Tuck, who contributed maintenance money for W. wrote to the Society informing them of W's aunt's death and saying that the child's mother wanted to know where her daughter was. The mother said she was married but Miss Tuck felt that it would be better for W. to remain in the Society's care. A note added to the letter says "We will do our best to retain girl". In 1906 W. was admitted to an eye hospital. She was placed in the Girls Home in Marylebone from 9-14 May 1906 and then returned to Canterbury. On 2 October 1909 she went out to service in Canterbury.

Keywords: Abandonment; Illegitimacy; Prostitution

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 9 March 1903
2. Letter from F.A. Tindall Lucas accompanying the form 19 March 1903
3. Letter from Miss M.E. Tuck giving news of W's aunt and mother 13 February 1904
4. Note from Dr Ryder recommending admission to an eye hospital 19 April 1906

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