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School room at St Lukes, Sussex

Find out about the school day for children in the homes. What lessons did they have and what was the schoolroom like?

Read the fact file, look at some original photographs then print the sources and try the worksheet.

What do you think?

  • How would you feel if you had to do 'drill' as part of your modern P.E. lessons?
  • What modern day activities would you introduce into the school timetable?
  • Think of some of the games you played as a young child. Are they very different from those mentioned in the fact file?

Printable worksheets and source material:

worksheet PDF (13k) | source material PDF (268k) Download  Adobe Reader

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  1. Children in the smaller homes went to the local school but the larger homes had their own schoolroom.
  2. School started at 9 o'clock and finished at about 4.15 but their lunch break was 1 hours or more, which is longer than most schools have today. The main meal of the day 'dinner' was at lunch time.
  3. The subjects taught were the 3 R's, which were, Reading wRiting and aRithmetic. Being a good speller with neat handwriting was very important.
  4. Some more practical things were taught. Boys even learnt to darn their socks! Look at the extra photographs and at the section about preparing for work.
  5. PE was called drill (see the photo) and the children had to march and do exercises all together.
  6. At playtime some of the homes had swings and see-saws in the yard or the children might have played with marbles and jacks or sticks and hoops.
  7. When the children were 14 they finished their schooling and prepared for work.
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