Girls at workBoys at work

Boys at Work

Haymaking at Standon Farm Home

Boys were given the chance to learn many trades while they were in the Children's homes. Find out more about work on the farm by reading the fact file.

Take a look at some photographs then print the sources and try the worksheet.

What do you think?

  • Which of the trades taught to the boys would you like to be taught at school?
  • It seems like the boys at Standon could make and grow all they needed. What things would they still have to get or buy from the outside world?

Printable worksheets and source material:

Boys at work:
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  1. At Standon Industrial school for boys, farming was their chief industry but they were also taught carpentry and as usual, were expected to help with chores.
  2. They made butter, cheese and cream, and grew vegetables, flowers and plants for the local market.
  3. They even won prizes for butter making in the county agricultural show.
  4. At Standon they had a tailoring workshop where some boys were taught to make and repair their own clothes (see the worksheet).
  5. In other schools boys were taught boot making, printing and book binding.
  6. Many boys joined the army or the navy when they left the homes.
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