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Case 485

Case number: 485
Application year: 1885




Year of birth: 1880
Home: All Saints' Home For Boys, Ashdon


H. was illegitimate. He had been born in Marylebone Workhouse. At the time of this application his father may have died and his mother's health was poor. She had injured herself internally when at work as she was required to lift heavy invalids and she had needed an operation. Although she had recovered her doctors felt that she would never be strong and was not going to be able to earn high wages. It was hoped that the Society would take H. at a reduced rate. H. was received into All Saints Home on 15 June 1885. On 5 February 1892 H. was boarded out in Effingham, Surrey. He had been a popular member of the Ashdon Home and was "one of the best boys in the Ashdon choir". His mother lost touch with the Society and her whereabouts remained unknown. In December 1898 H. wrote a letter to Ellen Teesdale who was his supervisor when he was boarded out, letting her know how he was getting on. He was living in the Guildford area and was happy in his gardening work. He had joined Puttenham choir. On 1 March 1900 not long before his 20th birthday, H. wrote to Revd Edward Rudolf enquiring about his family. He again stated that he was happy with his life and thanked the Society for their care of him. Revd Edward Rudolf was unfortunately unable to give him any information about his relatives "as both your father and mother were lost sight of very soon after you were received under the Society's care in 1885." He hoped that H. would always look upon him as his friend.

Keywords: Abandonment; After care; Health; Illegitimacy; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 27 April 1885
2. Letter from Mary Jenner enclosing "the paper about [H's mother] filled up" [? April 1885]
3. Letter from Mary Jenner sending a "petition" 11 May [1885]
4. Letter from H's mother 13 May 1885
5. Note about H. nd
6. Letter from the Ashdon Home about H. being boarded out 20 January [1892]
7. Letter from Ellen Teesdale about H. being boarded out [2- January 1892]
8. Letter arranging H's travel on 5 February 28 January 1892
9. Letter from H. to Ellen Teesdale telling her about his life [December 1898]
10. Letter from H. to Revd Edward Rudolf enquiring about his family 1 March 1900
11. Copy letter to H. from Revd Edward Rudolf replying to his enquiries 2 March 1900

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