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Case 795

Case number: 795
Application year: 1886




Year of birth: 1870
Home: Connaught House Home For Girls, Winchester


A. was illegitimate. Her father was drowned shortly after her birth, her mother stated that they would have married had he lived. After the death of A's father her mother married and had further children, seven of whom were living at the time of this application to the Waifs and Strays' Society. Her stepfather was cruel to A. and beat her severely, this ill treatment may have contributed to her restricted growth. At 15 she was described as "not taller than a well grown girl of half her age". A's temperament was quiet and patient. Her education was neglected although she had spent some time in school. On 21 September 1886 she was sent briefly to Connaught House Home for Girls, Winchester and then to Mrs Fitzgerald's Orphanage at Elm Grove, Wimbledon. In December 1888 she was placed in service in Tooting and remained with the same family for over forty years. A letter from her employer in 1927 claims that this may have been a record!

Keywords: Abuse; After care; Employment; Illegitimacy; Neglect; Poverty; Stepparents

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 16 August 1886
2. Report on A's circumstances and character 3 September 1886
3. Brief medical report 6 September 1886
4. Letter from Rose Fitzgerald concerning A's placement in domestic service 3 December 1888
5. Letter from Rose Fitzgerald describing A's good and faithful service with the same family for ten years April 1899
6. Letter from Revd E. Rudolf praising A. and mentioning a certificate of merit 12 April 1899
7. Letter from A. thanking Revd Edward Rudolf for the certificate 21 April 1899
8. Letter from A's employer praising A. and saying that she is pleased with the long service certificate. A's health is described as delicate 21 April 1899
9. Letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to A. 22 April 1899
10. Letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to A's employer 22 April 1899
11. Note of A's address 6 January 1900?
12. Letter from A's employer describing her service of almost 40 years with the same family 3 December 1927
13. Letter from the Waifs and Strays' Society about A's long service 8 December 1927
14. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf informing him of A's long service 8 December 1927
15. Note from Revd Edward Rudolf about A. 12 December 1927

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