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Case 749

Case number: 749
Application year: 1886




Year of birth: 1879
Home: Dulwich Home For Girls


A. was illegitimate and lived in Whitechapel, London with her mother who was "on the streets". She spent 18 months in Bancroft Workhouse where she attended school. In 1886, when she came into the care of the Waifs and Strays' Society, she was boarded out at St Neots, Bedfordshire. She was removed from here in 1892 because her foster mother insisted on providing a vegetarian diet against the wishes of the Society; and was sent to the Dulwich Home. In July 1895 she was placed in service in South East London.

Keywords: Foster care; Illegitimacy; Neglect; Poverty; Prostitution; School; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 3 July 1886
2. Letter from Miss T. proposed foster mother for A. 11 August 1886
3. Postcard from Miss T. about arrangements for A's arrival 16 August 1886
4. Letter from Clara Towgood 10 September 1886
5. Note that something has been sent to a vicar's in St Neots 2 June 1887
6. Letter from Henry Graham reporting that the new vicar of Riseley, Bedford is to be the supervisor of the two children under the care of the Society in the parish 28 February 1888
7. Letter from Revd Edward Rudolf concerning A's baptism 13 June 1890
8. Letter from Revd Ellis Turner reporting that A. is no longer in his parish 14 June 1890
9. Note that A. was baptised at Keysoe Church on 29 June 1890 30 June 1890
10. Letter from the Vicar of Keysoe concerning A's diet and the withdrawal of the foster children from Miss T's care 10 August 1892
11. Letter from the Vicar of Keysoe concerning arrangements for A's journey to London and includes further discussion of the vegetarian diet provided by the foster mother 12 August 1892
12. Note of A's travel arrangements 17 August 1892
13. Letter from Miss Emily Durrant saying that she is unable to continue maintenance payments for A. 16 October 1893
14. Letter from Miss Durrant 31 August 1894

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