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Case 9627

Case number: 9627
Application year: 1903

J [occasionally W]



Year of birth: 1895
Home: St Martin's Home For Boys, Surbiton


J. was disabled. He suffered from "anterior polio-myelitis" or "congenital paraplegia" and was described as being able to stand and progress with crutches. He was one of twins and came from a family of six children who had lost their mother. His father could not look after him as he had to go out to work and the eldest girls in the family were too young to care for him. His case was referred to the Waifs and Strays' Society Cripples Committee and various medical forms were completed by doctors on the Isle of Wight stating that the child was bright and intelligent and considered capable of eventually supporting himself. He was received into St Martin's Home for disabled boys on 29 May 1903 but unfortunately he was not considered suitable for the Home as they found him to be "mentally deficient". Combined with his physical disability this meant he was helpless and the Home did not have the facilities to care for him. They were obliged to discharge him and he was returned to his friends on 17 August 1903.

Keywords: Disability

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 2 May 1903
2. Copy letter requesting completion of medical forms 4 May 1903
3. Medical certificate 5 May 1903
4. Medical certificate 7 May 1903
5. Letter from Mary Mortimer enclosing medical certificates 8 May 1903
6. Postscript concerning the acceptance of J. by St Martin's Home May 1903
7. Letter from Mrs M.B. Graham of St Martin's requesting further information about J. 19 May 1903
8. Copy letter from Revd E. Rudolf passing onto Mary Mortimer the request from Mrs Graham 20 May 1903
9. Letter from a doctor regarding J. Originally dated 7 May 1903, copy made 22 May 1903
10. Letter from Mary Mortimer 21 May 1903, copy made 22 May 1903
11. Copy letter to Mrs Graham enclosing items 9 and 10 22 May 1903
12. Copy letter confirming J's admittance to St Martin's Home 25 May 1903
13. Letter from Mary Mortimer following J's journey to Surbiton 30 May 1903
14. Letter from Mary Mortimer referring to J's baptism 4 June 1903
15. Letter from Mrs Graham mentioning grave doubts about J's suitability for St Martin's Home 5 June 1903
16. Letter from Dr Ackerley about J. and his suitability for St Martin's 17 July 1903
17. Letter from Mrs Graham stating that J. is an unfit case and asking for him to be removed 20 July 1903
18. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf mentioning J's removal 21 July 1903
19. Copy letter to Mary Mortimer asking her to make arrangements for J's removal 21 July 1903
20. Letter from Mary Mortimer about arrangements 22 July 1903
21. Letter from Mary Mortimer requesting that J. be admitted to the Kingston Union 6 August 1903
22. Letter from Mrs Graham declining the above request and reiterating the need for J's prompt removal 7 August 1903
23. Letter from Mary Mortimer seeking to postpone collecting J. for a few days 13 August 1903
24. Letter from Mrs Graham to Revd Edward Rudolf complaining about Mary Mortimer's delay in removing J. 13 August 1903
25. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to Mary Mortimer insisting that J. should be removed promptly 14 August 1903
26. Card from Mary Mortimer confirming that J. had been removed from St Martin's Home the previous day 18 August 1903

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