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Case 9316

Case number: 9316
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1889
Home: St Michael's Home For Girls, Shipton under Wychwood; St Barnabas' Home For Girls, Newark


This case file relates to two sisters, although the correspondence is primarily about the elder girl, M. There is very little information about H. It is merely recorded that she was sent to St Michael's Home with her sister. These two girls were the subject of an order committing them to an Industrial School until they reached the age of 16. They came from a disadvantaged home: their mother was physically disabled and their father, a coal miner, did not have regular work and had been in prison. While he was in prison the mother and the children were inmates of the Workhouse. The parents were considered to be a very bad influence and it was thought important to remove the girls from their care. The girls were initially committed to the Beckett Home, Meanwood, Leeds but there were no vacancies for them and so they were sent to an equivalent Home, St Michael's at Shipton under Wychwood, on 12 December 1902. The children's education had been neglected and on arrival at St Michael's Home they were found to be wild, disobedient and untaught.

In April 1905 M. was 16 and the authorities at St Michael's Home did not wish to keep her after that age as they preferred not to have older girls mixing with younger ones. As mentioned above, M was described as "wild and uncouth" when she came to the Home and although there had been much improvement she was not considered fit for a situation without at least another year's training in laundry work, "for which she [was] best fitted". It was hoped that she might go to another Waifs and Strays Home to continue her training. She was a strong, healthy girl and able to do a great deal of rough laundry work. On 1 May 1905 M. was transferred to St Barnabas' Home, Newark. In December 1905 the girls' mother wrote to the Society but there is no copy of her letter on the file, nor a record of the Society's reply. On 18 March 1908 M. was discharged from St Barnabas' Home to go into service in Newark. She was taken on as a general servant on a month's trial. On 17 October M. was dismissed from her situation and returned to her relatives in Worksop.

Keywords: Behaviour; Disability; Employment; Industrial schools; Neglect; News clippings; Prison; School; Siblings; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 27 December 1902 [It seems likely that this date should be 27 November 1902]
2. Copy of the above form 27 November 1902
3. Letter from the Worksop Union enclosing application form 27 November 1902
4. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf enquiring whether there are spaces at the Beckett Home 28 November 1902
5. Letter from the Diocesan Secretary, Colonel Peirse about the Beckett Home 29 November 1902
6. Letter from Colonel Peirse confirming that there are no spaces in the Beckett Home and suggesting St Michael's 5 December 1902
7. Letter from the Worksop Union enquiring about places for the girls 6 December 1902
8. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to the Worksop Union suggesting St Michael's Home 8 December 1902
9. Letter from the Worksop Union 9 December 1902
10. Telegram from the Worksop Union stating that M. and H. can be sent to St Michael's 10 December 1902
11. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf 10 December 1902
12. Certified Industrial School Order of Detention for M. 10 December 1902
13. Advertisement placed in Church Times asking for a place in a Laundry Home for M. [1905]
14. Letter from St Michael's Home about M's future now she has reached the age of 16 April 1905
15. Copy letter to the Worksop Union 13 April 1905
16. Copy letter to St Barnabas Home, Newark asking if they can receive M. 13 April 1905
17. Letter from St Barnabas Home agreeing to take M. 15 April 1905
18. Copy letter to the Worksop Union 17 April 1905
19. Letter from the Worksop Union agreeing to M. remaining in the care of the Waifs and Strays' Society 19 April 1905
20. Copy letter confirming that M. is to be sent to St Barnabas Home 20 April 1905
21. Copy letter informing the Worksop Union 20 April 1905
22. Letter from the Worksop Union agreeing to the arrangements for M. 20 April 1905
23. Copy letter to the Worksop Union 25 April 1905
24. Card confirming M's arrival at the St Barnabas Home 1 May 1905
25. Copy letter to the Worksop Union discussing obtaining the sanction of the Local Government Board before M's removal to the St Barnabas Home 1 May 1905
26. Copy letter to St Michael's Home referring to a telegram asking them to defer sending M. to the St Barnabas Home 1 May 1905
27. Copy letter to St Michael's Home enquiring about the baptism of M. and H. 8 May 1905
28. Postcard from St Michael's Home confirming that the girls were baptised on 14 December 1902 9 May 1905
29. Letter from Notts Education Committee 17 May 190?
30. Letter from the Worksop Union confirming that the Local Government Board's consent has been received 1 June 1905
31. Copy letter to the Worksop Union noting the Local Government Board's assent and admitting that M. had already been transferred to the St Barnabas Home 2 June 1905
32. Copy letter from the Revd Edward Rudolf referring to a letter from the mother of M. and H. 20 December 1905
33. Notice of discharge for M. 18 March 1908
34. Copy letter to the Worksop Union about M's discharge 27 March 1908
35. Card noting that M. had been returned to her relatives 20 October 1908
36. Copy letter to the Worksop Union informing them that M. had been dismissed from her situation and returned to her relatives 23 October 1908

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